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With the Climate Protection Act 2021, Germany has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2045. This change presents society with completely new challenges. Young people had recognized and embraced this challenge earlier than politicians and the rest of society. Studies show that the change towards "climate neutrality" can only succeed through the interaction of several factors:

  1. Expansion of "renewable energies"
  2. Increasing the efficiency of the conversion, transport and use of energy
  3. Linking energy conversion paths across application sectors
  4. Closing material cycles
  5. Broad social support for this change

Future researchers are characterised not only by their desire to understand how developments and technologies can be embedded in the overall context of the energy system, but also by their desire to contribute to its sustainable design.

The ENZo Graduate School has set itself the goal of providing the next generation of researchers with the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge and the tools to work on application-oriented projects that can make a visible contribution to the transformation of the energy system.

Embedded in the diverse technological and scientific opportunities at the KIT Energy Center, ENZo creates a unique development environment for PhD students.

ENZo Lecture Series starts April, 28

The aim of the lecture is to provide a broad overview of the energy system with its complex interactions. Hence, the lectures offer basic insights into very different topics, such as specific technologies, economic aspects as well as the role of humans in the energy system.
Though the lecture is primarily tailored to the ENZo doctoral researchers, it is open to all members of KIT. Especially interested master students and doctoral researchers of all faculties are cordially invited to attend.

Lecture Series SS 2022
First ENZo Lecture

The first ENZo Lecture will take place on April 26 on the topic "Transforming the power grid to meet the challenge of climate change". The event is also the official kick-off of the graduate school.

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The new Graduate School at KIT. For a sustainable energy system of the future! Information event on 08 December, 2021 between 16:00 and 17:30.