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With the Climate Protection Act 2021, Germany has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2045. This change presents society with completely new challenges. Young people had recognized and embraced this challenge earlier than politicians and the rest of society. Studies show that the change towards "climate neutrality" can only succeed through the interaction of several factors:

  1. Expansion of "renewable energies"
  2. Increasing the efficiency of the conversion, transport and use of energy
  3. Linking energy conversion paths across application sectors
  4. Closing material cycles
  5. Broad social support for this change

Future researchers are characterised not only by their desire to understand how developments and technologies can be embedded in the overall context of the energy system, but also by their desire to contribute to its sustainable design.

The ENZo Graduate School has set itself the goal of providing the next generation of researchers with the necessary interdisciplinary knowledge and the tools to work on application-oriented projects that can make a visible contribution to the transformation of the energy system.

Embedded in the diverse technological and scientific opportunities at the KIT Energy Center, ENZo creates a unique development environment for PhD students.

Titel der Veranstaltung: Research-to-Action
February 05, 5pm, TRIANGEL

How are research results implemented? How do we reach society with our topics and how do we bring technical solutions into application? Our doctoral students deal with these questions and implement their own ideas in a transfer project.

We cordially invite you to the presentation of the first results and new ideas of these so-called Real World Projects. Give us your feedback and discuss exciting questions on the topic with us.

Vortragssaal mit PublikumKIT
ENZo Lecture: "Time to act!" - 10. Jan. 2024

We cordially invite all interested people to the ENZo Lecture with Prof. Daniela Jacob (Hereon/GERICS).

Under the title "Time to act!" you can expect an exciting keynote speech followed by a panel discussion with the participation of other scientists from KIT.

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Vortragssaal mit Publikum
ENZo Lecture "Fire and Ice" - Oct, 24

Prof. Walter Leitner (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion) will give a talk on "Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide as Building Blocks for Fuels and Chemicals" on October 24. All interested people are welcome to attend this gripping ENZo Lecture!

Next start of the lecture series: Oct, 26

The aim of the lecture is to give a broad overview of the energy system with its complex interactions. The lecture units therefore offer basic insights into very different topics, such as specific technologies, economic aspects or even the role of humans in the energy system.
The lecture is primarily tailored to ENZo PhD students, but it is open to all all interested people - especially master students and PhD students of all faculties are cordially invited.

new plant producing carbon from airKIT
NET@KIT Workshop on 23 March 2023

Under the topic "Negative Emissions Technologies - KIT Contributions to a Key Topic for Achieving the 1.5°C Target", a workshop day will be organized at KIT. Leading national and international experts on the NET topic have confirmed keynotes. The agenda leaves much room for discussion and exchange on ideas, current and future work, possible networking and initiatives.
KIT researchers are cordially invited, program contributions are welcome. Registration by February 22, 2023 at the latest.

ENZo Lecture: "The Second Life of Li-ion Batteries" - Life-cycle perspectives -

In two short presentations, approaches to the reuse and recycling of batteries will be presented. Afterwards there will be an opportunity for exchange. All interested people are cordially invited to the ENZo Lecture.

talk with audienceKIT
3rd ENZo Lecture: "Carbon Dioxide Removal and the Goals of the Paris Agreement".

Cordial invitation to the third ENZo Lecture on December 14. Mr. Friedemann Gruner (MCC) will give an overview of the need for CO2 removals, different removal options and some political and economic dimensions of the debate.

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The ENZo lecture series starts into the second round

Cordial invitation to all who are interested in energy topics. The ENZo lecture series offers a broad spectrum from technologies to socio-economic aspects. The winter semester starts on November 10.

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