Different event formats offer scientific input on the one hand, but also serve internal and external networking in particular. Accordingly, there are events where only ENZo members are admitted, but also those that are open to KIT members or an extended circle.
Please note the data privacy notice for all event registrations.

Vortragsveranstaltung KIT
ENZo Lectures

In different formats (invited lecture, panel discussion, PhD lectures, ...), current scientific topics are explored in depth at the ENZo Lectures.
Depending on the topic and setting, the events are open or closed. Please note the corresponding information.

beschriebene Tafel KIT
Lecture series ENZo

The basis for conveying the technical breadth in the sense of the scientific profile of ENZo is the lecture series, which is aligned according to the ENZo Topics.
Open to all KIT members.

ENZo Retreat

Once a year, all ENZo members meet for an ENZo retreat lasting several days.