Training Program

The Graduate School supports doctoral students in their professional and personal development. In doing so, the doctorate remains the focus of attention.
The additional qualification within the framework of ENZo includes professional as well as soft skills and further training opportunities that can be chosen as individually and flexibly as possible, together with a network at various levels.
As a unique element, the Real World Projects offer a creative space for applied, interdisciplinary project work.



Professional Skill

The lecture series, which is specifically tailored to the content of ENZo, serves as the basis for imparting the professional broadness in the sense of ENZo's scientific profile. It is designed to provide first-year doctoral researchers with insights into related subject areas and to open up perspectives for in-depth study in another topic.
Modules from the individual topics are available to doctoral candidates as elective elements.

Soft Skills

According to personal focal points, important skills can be built up outside of mere specialist knowledge: Modules on general basics such as time and project management, communication training, innovation management, scientific writing and presenting.
Special attention is paid to offers related to interdisciplinary collaboration and science communication.
Last but not least, there are offers for career planning.


The basis is an internal, self-organized network of doctoral researchers within which the doctoral representatives for the Steering Board are elected. At the regular "ENZo Lecture", the focus is not only on professional impulses in very different formats, but also on the idea of networking.
Furthermore, active engagement in science communication and exchange with the society is appreciated, for example at events, in social media or in expert committees.
The Graduate School strives for close interaction with the industry and, in the context of international networking, each doctoral researcher participates in at least one international conference or summer school.