Real World Projects

A special feature of the Graduate School are the interdisciplinary Real World Projects. Besides the own doctoral thesis, individual (implementation) projects are to be carried out independently and creatively in self-organized interdisciplinary small groups.

These Real World Projects at the interfaces of the individual research topics should lead to a presentable result in the broadest sense (e.g. demonstrator, plant concept, open source software, business plan foundation, event with/for citizens, ...).

Having fun with creative project work as well as interdisciplinary openness, for example between technology and evaluation, are basic requirements. Different professional and interdisciplinary emphases can be set.




The Real World Projects (RWPs) promote different skills: Subject-specific competence in the field of energy as well as competence in areas such as project management and interdisciplinary cooperation. Last but not least, they also strengthen the networking of ENZo members across disciplinary boundaries.