Real World Projects

A special feature of the Graduate School are the interdisciplinary Real World Projects (RWPs).
Usually independent of one's own PhD topic, individual (implementation) projects are to be carried out independently and creatively in small self-organized interdisciplinary groups. Approximately six weeks (240h) of time are estimated for this. Enjoying creative project work as well as interdisciplinary openness, for example between technology and assessment, are basic requirements. These Real World Projects at the interfaces of the individual research topics should lead to a tangible output in the broadest sense (e.g. demonstrator, plant concept, software, event with citizens ...). In doing so, very different subject-specific and interdisciplinary priorities can be set. Important is the idea of transfer - whether in the sense of a technical transfer, or also the transfer of knowledge into society.


The Real World Projects foster different skills: Professional skills in the field of energy as well as transferable skills in areas such as project management and interdisciplinary collaboration. Last but not least, they also strengthen the networking of ENZo members across disciplinary boundaries.
Both the process of idea development is supported with expert input and workshops, and the project teams are professionally accompanied during the project phase as part of a cooperation with maKeIT.

Projects 2023

The first three Real World projects started in early 2023. Completely different project ideas and teams achieved remarkable results, which were presented at the ENZo Retreat in July 2023 and also on a larger scale on February 5, 2024 at out ENZo Lecture "special: Research-to-Action".

Title Short Description Project Group

A parlor game on the energy transition. With fun and games you can gain insight into the different technologies that can bring us to a climate-neutral energy system.

Angela Ciotola
Ellen Förstner
Stephanie Stumpf
Monika Vogler

A compact table-top unit demonstrates a technology that will be needed in the future to achieve climate neutrality: Direct Air Capture. The system separates CO2 from the air and makes it usable for other applications, such as sparkling water – Cheers!

Sebastian Beichter
Moritz Herfet
Marco Ordonez
Philipp Rentschler

CoReX is the prototype of an online platform for researchers to share their research, events and more across disciplines.
Here, users can exchange ideas in forums, share and plan events, and update and share information and publications across research platforms.

Tim Delrieux
Leon Merker
Gabriela Rodrigues

Projects 2024

Once again, 11 ENZo PhD students have started generating ideas for an ENZo Real World Project, this time integrated into HAFIS (Helmholtz Academy for Intrapreneurship), with the kick-off in November 2023.

We are looking forward to seeing what exciting Real World project ideas will be implemented in 2024.