About ENZo

The topics of energy, the environment and climate change are directly linked and must also be considered together. The development towards a climate-neutral society therefore requires foresight and an overview of various influencing factors. This fact poses special challenges for all energy researchers and thus also for doctoral students.

It is not enough to research and develop individual technologies or processes. The energy system must be grasped in its entirety in order to gain a deeper understanding of the complex interrelationships and the interaction of technologies. Material and technology development must be networked across sector boundaries. To enable a climate-neutral economy, the interactions of the energy system with the material flows and material cycles it contains must be taken into account, because a climate-neutral society is not possible without an efficient circular economy. The necessary, far-reaching restructuring of the energy system also requires the participation of all social actors.

Young scientists acquire excellent, subject-specific knowledge at KIT during their studies and, in particular, during their doctoral studies. Through ENZo, they learn to put this specialized knowledge into a broader context and to apply it practically. In this context, the ability of interdisciplinary project work as well as personal responsibility and creativity are particularly promoted. This makes it easier for doctoral students to enter professional life and at the same time increases their attractiveness for employers.