The KIT Graduate School "Enabling Net Zero" (ENZo) of the KIT Energy Center is an offer for outstanding doctoral researchers to whom the topic of energy transition and climate protection is important. ENZo offers opportunities to think outside the box of one's own specific research topic in order to better understand the energy system and its complex interactions. In interdisciplinary teams, own ideas are implemented in application-related projects - the so-called Real World Projects.


What does ENZo offer?

  • Offers for professional and interdisciplinary qualification as well as career planning
  • Interdisciplinary network 
  • Looking "beyond the end of one's nose”
  • Application-oriented project work in interdisciplinary teams of doctoral researchers

Who can apply?

Applications are open to doctoral researchers with a doctoral thesis topic that matches one of the ENZo topics and whose doctoral studies began no more than 12 months before the date of application. (No doctoral thesis will be assigned directly via ENZo!) Registration or membership in KHYS and the KIT Energy Center is generally required.
Important selection criteria are:
  • The distinct aptitude and willingness to successfully work on an interdisciplinary Real World Project and confirmation by the first supervisor.
  • Special professional competence of the applicant (academic achievements; other scientific achievements)
  • Experience with professional or private projects as well as social commitment is beneficial.

What is expected?

  • Interest in the overall topic “sustainable energy system” and interdisciplinary teamwork
  • High motivation to carry out a Real World Project
  • Commitment within the Graduate School and an open mind for active knowledge transfer

How to apply?

Applications are possible at any time, selection procedures take place at least twice a year. If you consider applying, please contact Heike Kull previously. (heike.kull∂
Please send the application form (download form) and the documents listed below (in German or English) to heike.kull∂
Information on data protection can be found on the sheet "Information on data protection pursuant to Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation".

  • letter of motivation
  • curriculum vitae
  • Doctoral thesis and exposé 
  • Faculty acceptance letter*
  • Bachelor's and Master's degree certificate (or comparable)
  • Confirmation of participation in the online course Gender Competence (PEBA)
  • Optional: Proof of special scientific achievement (e.g. publication, award, innovation) and/or social commitment.

It is also essential that the first supervisor sends a letter of recommendation (download form). 

*Under certain conditions, you can also apply before faculty acceptance.