Organisational Structure

The graduate school has a scientific spokesperson who represents ENZo internally and externally. Each topic is supervised by two Topic Responsibles, who are in charge of the professional design of the respective topic and the associated qualification measures for the young researchers.

A manager is the contact person for all members and participants and takes care of the organizational matters of ENZo.

The doctoral researchers form a self-organised network in consultation with the management. They elect their representatives to the Steering Board.
Furthermore, additional substantive and organizational commitment of the young scientists is welcomed and encouraged.

The Steering Board decides on the strategic orientation and adaptation of the graduate school, all relevant content-related issues (e.g. qualification, quality management, organization), the acquisition and use of funds, and the admission of the doctoral researchers.

The Steering Board consists of the scientific spokespersons of ENZo and the KIT Energy Center, as well as the Topic Responsibles, the manager of ENZo, and the doctoral representatives.