ENZo Lecture spezial: "Research-to-Action"

  • Tagung:

    How are research results implemented?
    How do we reach society with our topics?
    How do we bring technical solutions into application?
    Our doctoral researchers deal with these questions and realize their own ideas in a transfer project.
    We cordially invite you to the presentation of the first results and new ideas of these so-called Real World Projects. Give us feedback and discuss exciting questions on the topic with us.

  • Tagungsort:

    TRIANGEL, Kronenplatz, Karlsruhe

  • Datum:

    05. Februar 2024

  • Autoren:

    zum Kurzbericht (S. Hackländer)

  • Referent:

    ENZo-Promovierende: Vorstellung Projektergebnisse 2023 und Präsentation neuer Ideen 2024; weitere Referent*innen

  • Zeit:

    17-20 Uhr